Happy Accidents


Nothing happens by accident

Or maybe there are only happy accidents.

Or maybe you choose
to make the best of certain accidents.

However you choose to look at it,
there was an accident.
All of my site’s data has been lost.


So I’ve chosen to use that loss
as an opportunity
to regather, redesign, redefine,
and in the process,


The second time
was a challenge.

There’s a rule in my house:
Mom always wins.

It applies to computers too.
I love being challenged,
which is why I love working in tech —
I’m always being challenged.

I’m not an expert, by any means,
but I’m stubborn.

More than once,
I’ve fought with computers for hours,
and co-workers have heard me gleefully shout,

I win!

That’s what I love about the challenge —
that feeling of accomplishment.
Sure, an expert could have solved
my computer woes earlier,
but solving them myself?
That’s worth the time and effort.

And …

Mom Always Wins

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