Quick Coherence

My daughter taught me a quick and easy meditation she learned, called Quick Coherence, or “QuickCo”, which comes from the HearthMath Institute. She likes that it’s an easy meditation to remember. I like that it’s very similar to one of my favorite meditation styles, Metta.

QuickCo and Metta both focus your attention on your breath, heart, and feelings of affection or joy. This can give you quick access to stress reduction, a more positive mood, and better access to your creativity and decision-making abilities.

heart-breathThe HeartMath Institute describes QuickCo in two easy steps: (1) Heart-Focused Breathing and (2) Activate a Positive Feeling.

Heart-Focused Breathing

If you like, close your eyes. If you chose to keep your eyes open, keep your gaze relaxed. You might choose to look at the floor a few feet in front of you.

Focus your attention on your heart, your heart center, or you heart chakra, however you like to think of it. You may put one or both hands over your heart, if you wish.

Take at least three slow, deep breaths. Try to make your inhalation match your exhalation (e.g., count to five breathing in, count to five breathing out). Imagine the breath passing through your heart as you breathe in and out.

Activate a Positive Feeling

Bring to mind something or someone that gives you a peaceful, happy feeling. This could be someone you care about, a beloved pet, or a happy memory, for example. You may also chose to focus on gratitude. You could count your blessings or think about a person in your life you’re grateful for, for example.

Focus on the feelings of joy, gratitude, or peace as they come up. Keep your focus on your heart, and these positive feelings, for as long as you like. This could be just a minute or two, or longer.

When you are ready, open your eyes and return to your normal breathing and activity.