Seeds and Sprouts

One of the things Jeff Goins talked about doing for his first My500Words challenge was having an “idea bucket” that he could just reach into for something to write about every day. I’ve got a few of these buckets myself: A Scrivener project called “Seeds and Sprouts” where I store ideas for stories (seeds) and partial stories (sprouts), a physical file in my desk drawer full of half-written stories and poems, and a color box full of index cards.

For my own My500Words challenge, I’m going to consolidate all of these into a single place, my Seeds and Sprouts project in Scrivener, so that I have a single place to go to for my idea bucket.  I’ve been keeping my ideas in my colorful box for several years now, and things have been piling up in my mostly forgotten folder for even longer. It will be nice to have them all in one place, although I imagine it will take some time to actually consolidate them.

Tonight, in addition to indexing what needs to go into Seeds & Sprouts, I brainstormed some new ideas for things to write about as well. The one word ideas, I’ll likely just store on a single page in the Seeds folder of this project, but I want to actually consolidate some notes and sloppy unfinished first drafts in there as well. For now, the index will do:

Abortion from a mom’s point of view
Adoption –
Adoption – Becoming an adoptive parent
Adoption – Finding birth family
Adoption – Growing up adopted
Aradi Devilsky (folder)
Asylum (box)
Attitude is Everything (folder)
Aura of Good and Evil (box)
Bad knees
Being an Army Mom
Beware those who seek the power source (box)
Boundaries – setting and enforcing them
Bowie – The Dream King (box)
Bursting the white bubble
Care and Feeding Of
Chris/Now Youager (folder)
Comfort Zones
Coming to terms with her
Communication – family
Communication – home
Communication – workplace
Conflict is not fatal (box)
Crushes (Latte Boy)
Dead Wrong (box)
Enia (folder)
Everyday Thanksgiving
Expectations w/Hidden special needs
Ferrets (box)
First Loves and their lessons
Flying lessons (folder)
Forever Keighley (folder)
Girl in a Storm (folder)
Hellmounds (box)
I’m not OCD I’m just neurotic
Illyesha (folder)
In another 28 days … (box)
Jenny’s Unicorn (folder)
Jessica (folder)
Lessons our kids teach us (Mom, me as mom, mirrors)
Library Oasis (folder)
Like Water for Chocolate – weather (box)
Magical Outburst (box)
Mandatory Fun Day
Maratanda (folder)
Mental health
Mouse Language (box)
My People
Odds n Ends (folder)
One of You (box)
Other Scribbles (folder)
Overcoming addiction
Plotting by the Seat of Your Pants
Portrait (folder)
Rape culture
Religion and Lack Thereof
Sathonda (folder)
Seeds & Sprouts
Shakera (folder)
Substance abuse
Tattoos (box)
Tattoos – evolution
Tattoos – ideas
Testing the Mage (box)
The Affair (box)
The Black Court (box)
The Crying Game (box)
The End of Summer (folder)
The Fallen Tree (folder)
The Farmer’s Wife (box)
The Keeper (box)
The Librarian (box)
The Librarian’s Daughter (box)
The Otherwold Librarian (box)
The Shadow Self
The Third Option (box)
The Three Sisters (box)
The Warriors Love (box)
The Widow’s Might (box)
The accident
The gut-brain connection – gall stones and depression
Tribe of Shaye (folder)
Two Moons (box)
Vampire genetics (box)
Water spirit (box)
Wrestling the Vamprie (box)
Writing is a madman (folder)
Written in Stones (box)
Zombie punk (box)


What’s in your idea bucket? Where do you keep it?

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