2017 Administrivia

2017 has been a trash fire year, but i’m still here. i’ve decided to revamp my site and my purpose for having the site. for now, this is just going to be a personal blog. sometimes i feel like i’m shouting into the void, but i’ve decided (again) that i hate SEO and all that crap. marketing myself makes me extremely uncomfortable, call it impostor syndrome, social anxiety, or introversion, call it anything you like. i’ve decided to make this a labor of love for myself, and if anybody else reads it and gets something out of it, that’s great. which sounds like i don’t care about what readers are getting out of this — i do hope you will find some value here. but when i tie myself in knots trying to SEO everything and sell myself and be a content provider, it sends my creative side running for cover. so for now, this is just for me. if you’re sticking around though, i do appreciate you a great deal. thanks for dropping by.