Paul Tristan Fergus, Author, Diamond of Darkness

Kimberly, or Kembers as I call her at times, is a writing coach. Most folks who perform feats of creativity need a variety of structures, gizmos, and personalities to keep them on the entertainment channel long haul. From her gorgeous starlight orchard of the mind, Kembers provides eager help on any number of levels.

The vital organizer behind the scenes, she gathers people together and excavates the psychological quarry they form as a whole. Her hand is on the pulse of many writing goodies worth finding out about.

I’m a weirdo storyteller, and that means various forms of life count on me to tell them marvelous tales of strange excitement. Hanging out with Kembers ups my chances of finding clues on my quest. She’s like a bonus to my rolls.

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Scott Andersen, Director, Mindful Connections, LLC

Thank you very much for your thoroughness regarding both content, resulting in the questions you posed as well as your creativity around formatting, resulting in whole document gestalt that reflects the spirit of Mindfulness. I also really appreciate your creating two excellent options to select from.

I am very grateful we connected and you were available to work on the project. The outcome is fantastic!


Joy A Freeman, Pages by Joy

Kim has been the freelance proofreader assigned to probably a couple dozen of the books on which I’ve done production. She has a great eye for errors as well as the ability to avoid the urge to copyedit at the proofreading stage, which is so hard for so many of us. She and I also worked together to update an index for a new edition, an undertaking that I dreaded but that went smoothly because of her organized and professional approach.

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Nancy Hanger, Windhaven

Kimberly has been a freelance proofreader and copy editor for several positions I’ve held over the years, and she has always provided excellent work, detailed organization, and kept deadlines meticulously. I’d recommend Kimberly and her organization for any freelance creative endeavor you have in mind in the publishing arena.


Uraina Payne, former Managing Editor, James Publishing

Kim is an outstanding editor. During my time working with her I found her to be extremely professional, organized and detail oriented.

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Ila Press, former Editorial Director, James Publishing

Kim [is] professional, thorough, and conscientious. She has immense integrity. She handled any assignment with aplomb and fine attention to detail, and did so promptly and dependably.


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