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I didn’t get as obsessive about my numbers this month as I did last month. Part of that is just because I simply don’t have the time. I did manage to write something almost every day though.  Even if it was “just” a journal entry.  The only day I didn’t write was February 12, which I kicked myself for the next day — but really, 28 out of 29 days? Not so bad. According to, I wrote 26,210 words in the month of February. That doesn’t even include other word counts I post via Twitter and the Facebook page.

Permission to Count

Giving myself permission to see all of my writing as writing that counts has been helpful. Instead of looking at every day I don’t write fiction as a failure, I’ve been able to acknowledge that I accomplished something that is part of the creative process.

For me, journalling is integral to the creative process, so I’ve given myself permission to count my journal words (via  Pre-writing, or outlining, even though those words will likely never make it to print, is a major part of the writing process as well, so those count too. Just as stretching and strengthening my upper bodyhelps me as a runner, journalling and pre-writing helps me as a writer.

Focus on Success

What would happen if you expanded your idea of what creativity and the writing process includes? How would that change the way you feel about your progress? If you outline, do you count that as part of your process? If you spend time hashing an idea out in your head, does that count? What would happen if you focused on your successes, no matter how small, rather than your failures? How would that change the way you see yourself as a writer?

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