Self-care for Creatives

Ever since I began studying Buddhism, I’ve struggled with the concept of taking refuge. I’ve heard several teachers humorously refer to the idea of taking refuge in the “wrong” things: like Facebook, a pint of ice cream, binge watching tv, etc. That concept was easy enough to understand. When I’m […]

Taking Refuge

For several years, I’ve refused to make resolutions. Instead I prefer challenges and experiments. This year, I’m trying something a little different, and make a list of my priorities for the year. Between being a full-time web editor, a full-time mom, and a part-time student, I have more than enough […]


My daughter taught me a quick and easy meditation she learned, called Quick Coherence, or “QuickCo”, which comes from the HearthMath Institute. She likes that it’s an easy meditation to remember. I like that it’s very similar to one of my favorite meditation styles, Metta. QuickCo and Metta both focus your attention on […]

Quick Coherence