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I am just a mother of children, gathering in chicks from wandering flocks.
About Last Night, from A Succor for Writing

Manifesto for a Freelancer with a Family, from bkmacdaddydesigns at Freelance Folder

The Skills List Project: Reading Voraciously, Viewpoint and Story Experience, Reading Analytically

Scrooge: A Character Study

The love within us empowers us to fight what is in front of us. Without hesitation.
Let Nothing Stand Between You, from Kat, at Passionate Homemaking

Absolutes, Morality, and Society and the Ten Point Overload Scale from Reports from a Resident Alien

What it’s like to be Taken Away and Moving Foster Homes, from Percolated Paradox

Twelve Tips for Being Good Feng Shui from Stepcase Lifehack (I’ve actually printed this out and framed it.

It’s not about the mom you were today. It’s about the mom you’re FIGHTING to be.
What Every Mom Needs to Know After a Bad Day, from Kat, at Passionate Homemaking

Something we should do more often: Say something nice about YOURSELF from The Rotund

Foster children are worthy of a family, no matter what issues they come with. […] It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, gay, straight, old, young, rich, poor, middle class–you can help a foster child. You can save a life. […] You can make a difference. You can be a super hero.
“NO” from Percolated Paradox, on all the reasons why you should say YES

How to Be a More Patient Mom in Just 24 Hours from Inspired to Action

How to Teach Him to Romance You from Simple Mom

Twelve Ways to Love Your Hubby Without Saying a Word from Passionate Homemaking

Your creativity is your birthright.


Practice deliberately. You have to fail in order to grow.


It’s your job to say what others cannot, will not, or don’t even know that they know.


Go there. And then go deeper.


Real art makes you vulnerable, but that’s where the power is.

the creative badass manifesto from Tribal Writer

Hey, That’s My Foster Kin You are Bitching and Whining About from Sunday Koffron (the inspiration behind sunday inspiration)

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