The Business of Creativity

As a creative and an introvert, I have been struggling with self-promotion, and concepts like branding and search engine optimization. The struggle has left me feeling fragmented, inauthentic, and resentful. Having lost any sense of passion for it, I let my sites go fallow, and in the process, something wonderful started to happen: my creativity began to re-emerge.

Creativity as a business does not work for me. I would rather count the individual sheets in a ream of paper by hand than waste any time and energy on SEO and branding and crafting the perfect self-promotional tweet. I would rather be in the business of creativity.

What does that mean? Some things are not changing. I still write. I still edit. I still coach. Some of it, I’m in the process of discovering for myself. I make digital photography. I make art. I make connections. And I want to make more. I want to make podcasts. I want to make web sites. I want to spend less time and energy on the business of being in business and more on the business of being creative.