What Do I Do?

I am a creative, and what Emilie Wapnick calls a multipotentialite: I have a wide variety of interests, and tend to lose interest once I’ve mastered a particular skill. Until I heard Emilie’s TEDTalk, I used to say I had Career ADD, because every time I mastered any particular job, I would start looking for more responsibilities to take on, and if I wasn’t able to grow anymore, I would get bored and start thinking about switching careers entirely. I quit one cushy job out of boredom, once took a substantial pay cut to go into a completely different line of work, and another time, I started teaching myself Japanese just so that I could be challenged by something. This is why I love my current jobs in the tech industry and as a freelance editor: I am always being challenged, the tech industry is always changing, and I learn something new with every book I work on.

As a multipotentialite creative, the primary focus for most of my life has been writing, but I also dabble in art, photography, crafts, and music. I love to sing. I’ve owned three guitars in my life, but still haven’t mastered playing them. There are several other instruments I’d like to learn, but after I bought my third guitar, I promised myself not to buy any more instruments until I’d mastered the guitar. (Currently, I own one electric guitar, and one acoustic.)

I love languages. I’ve learned just enough French and Spanish to find a bathroom in either country and constantly confuse to the two languages. I’m a word nerd: I love grammar, how language is put together, and the history of languages. I’ve taught myself a little Russian, Maori, and Japanese, and I used to interpret Sunday services for my deaf friend in ASL.

I have a goofball sense of humor. I love to embarrass my kids. I love steampunk, science fiction, D&D, MMORPGs, 80s hair metal, and magic tricks. I’m kind of a geek. I have an eclectic taste in music including AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Chicago, Meatloaf, New Order, OMD, Tori Amos, Ultravox, and Voice of the Beehive.

In previous lives, I’ve been an accountant’s assistant, bus boy, coat check girl, editor, hostess, interpreter, legal editor, receptionist, stablehand, tech support, video store clerk, and worked with disabled adults. For most of my adult life, I’ve either been an administrative assistant, worked in tech, edited books , and sometimes all at the same time. Seriously, I have Career ADD.